The Secret Stuff – Mental / Emotional Control

Do you wake up at night & can’t get back to sleep, because you’re THINKING of stuff?  Know why?  The thinking / conscious brain is always thinking, trying to take control over the other feeling / subconscious brain!  It may not be noticeable in everyday life, but In Golf IT’S HUGE!

Are you plagued at times with doubts and fears that you may actually be capable of reaching your golf potential?  But then they always seem to “drag you back in”?  Know who THEY are?  It’s the Bad Brothers, fear and doubt, yelling in our heads, over and over.  What if we have the Good Sisters, patience and prudence, to combat them, so we could get a great shot off, from what we have in front of us.  How do we quiet the Bad Brothers and follow the Good Sisters?  We have to have all the other secret stuff working before we take each shot.


The BAD Brothers

Dr Evil & Mini Me

Dr Evil & Mini Me


The Bad brothers are fear & doubt, as we mentioned.  They are bold, are always there and cannot be controlled.   You can manage their appearance & recognize their emergence.  And if you can do that you can manage them quite nicely.

Take for example, the pre-shot routine of any swing.  If you follow a properly prescribed ritual / pattern of actions, the Bad brothers have less of a chance to emerge.  Further, if you give the Thinking brain a time and place to be in charge, then let it rest while the Feeling / Emotional brain takes over, the Bad brothers have little or no chance to emerge!  That’s a fact!


The GOOD Sisters

Dorothy & Glinda, the Good Witch

Dorothy & Glinda, the Good Witch


The Good sisters are patience & prudence as mentioned. They are shy, need to be encouraged and must be lead out into play.   You can make their appearance during the thinking process, and then they can go back to being shy on the background until needed again.  If you can do that you can utilize them quite nicely, when you need them.  BTW you hear about Patience from the pros all the time.  Prudence unveils herself when You Know Your Limits!



With both The Good Sisters & the Bad Brothers, we need be settled in our minds about each Before we take the golf shot under course conditions.  Being settled with these, leads to a mentally and emotionally calmness that leads to Being in The Zone, a calm , confident, purposeful pre-shot routine and visualization to see the target.

If you learn nothing else, remember that Golf is a game of Opposites.  We hit down on the ball to make it get up.  We take a round swing with a round ball, to make it go straight. And especially with the other secret stuff, the more we worry about it Ahead of time the less we think about it at execution time the better! So learn from other’s experiences and try that for yourself.


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