SOLID 3-month of Coaching – New approach for Score / Swing Improvement




SOLID 3-month of Coaching – New approach for Score / Swing Improvement, includes:  4 x 2- hour sessions Each Month for a total of 24 hours in 3 months.  Join your team early bird Saturdays, to get a Guaranteed 8-shots improvement.  How?  2-hr session on Skill Assessment / Training with Flightscope radar on range on all the 4 major skill areas of 7 Essential swing fundamentals, Side Hill Green Reading putting, Red Zone short game & Driver full swing Optimization.   Then we rinse & repeat again for immediate improvement.  Guaranteed Improvement OR you get it all over again.




Choose your team in 6:1 ratio with coach, for early bird Saturdays for a month   It’s Proven, Teams Increase Support & Success.  3-month coaching is for the 10-month golf season (to allow for family events during the holiday season).  You must reserve your spot ahead of time, limited to 6 players, 2 3-somes, First come-First served.


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