Nov 21

Does Your instructor meet the 9 Standards?

In Old Rules golf instruction, knowing how to swing a club and following the swing of a great golf professional was enough, to teach others…

Today golfers are asking for much more – more technology, more fitness, more on-course instruction and more mental game approaches so they can play their best On the Course, Where It Matters!

To be a New Rules of Golf Instructor, one has to meet and pass 9 Standards that address every aspects of the game so every students Unique style, build and flexibility id preserved.  Why be forced into the model swing of someone else?

How does your existing golf instructor measure up to these 9 standards?  Click on this link to get the New Rules Instructor Checklist & find out for yourself:


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Interested in more?  Get the New Rules of Golf Instruction book (it’s FREE) and examine these for yourself.  Then contact your local, Northern california, New Rules Golf Coach and match the video of your swing to the 7 Essential Skills:


I’m Coach Rick, The Personal Golf Coach and your local New Rules Golf Coach.  Contact me with questions at (510) 917-6442 or

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Nov 21

There’s “Other” Secret Stuff

There’s ” Other” Secret Stuff …  It’s the stuff the Old Rules didn’t tell you about.  So how are you to appreciate the value of it?  You’re right – it’s not your fault!

In New Rules Golf Instruction this “Other Secret Stuff” is an integral part of your learning and improving your unique golf swing and golf game.  After all it takes everything we have to get our Best Game going On the Course, Where It Matters! 

When you think about it we are generally more concerned about all the other stuff more so than the swing over most shots.  We generally concern ourselves with Where to go, What club to get there, How to setup for the shot, When we need to hit what club with what swing, before we think about the How to swing. …

Nov 21

What is New Rules Golf?


Old Rules Golf Instruction

New Rules Golf is the New Standard of Golf Instruction… What happened to the Old Rules?  Is this what you picture when you think of learning the golf swing?  Does it feel like you have to master fifty steps just to swing the golf club?   That’s Old Rules instruction!

Let me ask you, “If handicaps haven’t changed with all the new technology in years, should we golfers continue doing the Same Thing?”  Careful, Einstein calls that Insanity…


If Everyone is Unique, should we try to make out golf swing like the swing of that great pro?  Is that actually possible to match someone else’s swing exactly?  Can you even get close without frustration?  Are you simply tired of all the effort, time and money spent on the game?

There’s Gotta Be a Better Way – Right?

New Rules Golf $aves you Time and Money, by focusing on 7 Essential Skills to leverage What you Already Have and build from there, for a better swing that holds up under pressure On the Course, Where It Matters !

Our mission is to $ave you time and effort to Improve your Game & Have Fun doing it!  Imagine having a solid Game that’s reliable and a Swing that’s repeatable?  Imagine hearing “Nice Shot” a lot, on the course…  Imagine that fun feeling of making solid pars over and over…


Hi, I’m Coach Rick, the Personal Golf Coach, and your New Rules Golf Coach.  I’m here to help you stay unique with an Easier, More Economical swing.  Let’s improve on the Existing golf swing you have, the one that fits your build, your individual style and your flexibility.

New Rules is Not a one size fits all method.  It’s Not a “copy the pro” method you’ve been taught in the past.  It IS a Comprehensive Program that includes all the aspects we need, to play well On the Course, Where It Matters!  It is a Personal approach to help you!


We wondered why so many golfers go AWAY from the game as those that join the game of golf.  And why golf scores haven’t dropped with all the technology.  Studies have shown again and again that the main three reasons are frustration, time, and money.

So we’ve broken down the game into a set of skills, that allows every one to remain unique and still improve their game.  With a better game, less shots are taken, less time is required and you’re frustration is much less.  This means you need less time and money on the practice range.

Why just skills?  If you look at the pros, there are hundreds of unique swings, grips, and styles, but they all have the solid contact and skills to earn big and win tournaments.  So why not apply that to Our game?


It’s been long proven that the old habit usually emerges under pressure.  The quickest way to develop New habits is from Deep Practice.  And deep practice is part of the game that uses 7 essential skills that improve your swing quickly.

Practiced and tested properly, these skills develop into new habits you can rely on when you’re playing on the course under pressure… The 7 Essential Skills include:

  • Pre-Swing
  • Face Control
  • Striking vs. Scooping
  • Swing Plane
  • Efficient Pivot
  • Effortless Clubhead Speed
  • Width

Once you have a good handle on these skills, you can be Confident that your golf swing will hold up under any pressure and from any course condition you find. You’ll be happier and your family will want to join you more…

Visit our website and get a FREE copy of the New Rules of Golf Instruction.  This Free book goes into all the details.

Now, if you’re still skeptical about this, simply get the Instructor Checklist and ask yourself how your existing instructor measures up?

It’s all at our website and you can find me as your local New Rules Coach with all the details there.  Thanks for your time & effort…

P.S.  Leave a comment and we’ll get back to you with additional information on the success of New Rules Golf Instruction.  Did you know that 74% of those who took our Short Game Challenged improved their game and lowered their scores?