Nov 21

New Rules – what happened to the Old Rules?


Old Rules Golf Instruction


New Rules Golf is the New Standard of Golf Instruction… What happened to the Old Rules?  Is this what you picture when you think of learning the golf swing?  Does it feel like you have to master fifty steps just to swing the golf club?   That’s Old Rules instruction!



Let me ask you, “If handicaps haven’t changed with all the new technology in years, should we golfers continue doing the Same Thing?”  Careful, Einstein calls that Insanity…


If Everyone is Unique, should we try to make out golf swing like the swing of that great pro?  Is that actually possible to match someone else’s swing exactly?  Can you even get close without frustration?  Are you simply tired of all the effort, time and money spent on the game?

There’s Gotta Be a Better Way – Right?

(Continued on “New Rules Explained”)


Nov 21

Money Approach are Exciting!

Money Approach Shots is all about sending the ball to the target from the fairway, rough, or fairway bunker, to get on the green to make the finishing putt.

I don’t know about you, but when I see the tour pro make that approach shot to the green to stick it close, I say “Now That’s Money”!  If they make the shot everyone applauds and cheers.  If they don’t get into their scoring range, everyone provides a nice quiet golf clap or none at all.   From down thew fairway, where the shot was taken, that’s the best indicator of how well the shot turned out.  So, the Money Approach shot requires: …

Nov 21

How SureFire is Your Short Game?

SureFire Short Game is all about giving the ball a chance to get in the hole.  This may be from any of many shots around the green.  The key here is Great Execution from the course condition you face.

Why is Phil Michaelson so loved? Almost immediately we think of Phil’s wonderful short game and all the great shots we’ve seen over the years.  It’s almost OK for Phil to lose a tournament as long as he’s making the short shots.

Have you ever had the great feeling of chipping in, in front of your golf peers.  Better than the sound of the ball rattling in the cup, is the walk to pull the ball out when the flag is still in the hole!  Now That’s golfing, baby! …

Nov 21

Is Perfect Putting a Reach too far?

Perfect putting is all about the ability and confidence to stand over every putt with a no-fear knowledge that you will make it happen – ahead of time, to execute and sink every putt.

I’m sure that when you hear the sound of the golf ball fall into to the cup, you must have felt at one time or another “Now that’s the best sound in the world!”  That emotion at that time is a trigger to help you repeat it again and again!

In order to do that and repeat that time after time, we need: …


Nov 21

Got a Fun Full Swing (as in fundamental)?

Full Swing Fundamentals is all about the tee shot – the Show Shot.  The real objective here is to get it in the fairway – way down the fairway.  But does that mean “Kill it”?  Many say yes and face a tough lie, in rough, in sand or off the course.

The first time I saw John Daly “Kill one” he damn near drove the green almost 400 yards away! Everyone oh’d and ah’d and marched the length of the hole to find it, thinking “surely this has to be in putting distance”. But to the surprise of Not that many, he was off in the rough behind a tree. Hit punch out and two putt left him a par. Boy did I learn from that one!!! …