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SureFire ShortGame

New Rules SureFire Short Game

New Rules SureFire Short Game


SureFire Short Game is all about giving the ball a chance to get in the hole.


This may be the most frustrating, from any of many shots around the green.  The key here is Great Execution from the course condition you face.




Why is Phil Michaelson so loved? Almost immediately we think of Phil’s wonderful short game and all the great shots we’ve seen over the years.  It’s almost OK for Phil to lose a tournament as long as he’s making the short shots.

Have you ever had the great feeling of chipping in, in front of your golf peers.  Better than the sound of the ball rattling in the cup, is the walk to pull the ball out when the flag is still in the hole!  Now That’s golfing, baby!  The 7 Essential Skills help you make the great outcomes happen!

So here’s what you need to focus on to make these great shots happen:


Short Game Setup – the setup may be more important than the swing, especially given that most shots around the green have difficult lies.

Pitch Distance – the swing control dictates the shot distance every time!  Frustrated at missing greens?  Learn to use the right tool for the right target!

Pitching Line – the right line dictates if you hit the right target to be close.  This is one key difference of the tour pros to the amateur. Pros know their line!

Chip Styles – Are you a one-shot wonder or a one-swing wonder?  Find out!  Chip shots are the “Heart of the Golf Swing”.  Master this to improve your game!

High Toss shots  the sexy,  soft landing, hop & stop shot is a trade off to Risk!  Know when & where to play this for the best hop and stop move!


THIS is where the game is a make or break proposition!  If you get this right you are a ten foot giant, but if you get it wrong you are a two foot dorf golfer.  At least that’s the feeling after the shot, so why not setup to show the other golfers in your group how good the giant inside you really Is?  Simple keys work!

If you learn nothing else, remember that Golf is a game of Opposites.  We hit down on the ball to make it get up.  We take a round swing with a round ball, to make it go straight. And especially with the short game, the tighter we get the worse the outcome becomes!  So Relax before these shots for a great outcome.  Learn from other’s experiences and try that for yourself.

There’s more in the other articles.  One of the best things you can do is to sign up for more information, stories and bonuses.  Each month we will be adding new Gems that help your golf Swing, Game / Shot management, and Mental / Emotional controls so that you can play Your Best Golf, On the Course, Where It Matters!  Thanks for now,  I’ll be seeing you from tee to green!  Cheers …


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