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New Rules Aimpoint PerfectPutting

New Rules Aimpoint PerfectPutting

PerfectPutting is all about the ability and confidence to stand over every putt with a no-fear knowledge that you will make it happen – ahead of time, to execute and sink every putt.

I’m sure that when you hear the sound of the golf ball fall into to the cup, you must have felt at one time or another “Now that’s the best sound in the world!”  That emotion at that time is a trigger to help you repeat it again and again!

In order to do that and repeat that time after time, we need:


Setup – Match your build, tempo & putter for a personal style that works every time! And fit your putter to match your Unique Style at setup!

Speed–Master the Speed of Greens, Any Day on Any Green-it works!  Use a simple tool and tempo that you already have – a bonus Essential Skill!

Line–Know how Any green breaks from Any Distance with simple skill.  Get the face angle, which causes the majority of missed putts, and the putting stroke path to be on the proper line for the putter & stroke style you have!

Green Reading – Read the Break – any distance to eliminate 3-putts & more 1-putts!  Use the simple Side Hill Green Reading Skills, based on the electronic line they show on the Golf Channel, to make all you putts from any distance!


These Skills developed again and again into Habits, along with the proper Attitude, Knowledge in the components of the course you are playing today, and a solid Imagination / Visualization of what you desire to happen, can virtually guarantee success Before it happens.  It just takes Proper Practice.

If you learn nothing else, remember that Golf is a game of Opposites.  We hit down on the ball to make it get up.  We take a round swing with a round ball, to make it go straight. And especially with the putts, we need to get totally focused and committed to the putt, then Let Go to trust that the stroke will send the ball to the target!  So learn from other’s experiences and try that for yourself.


There’s more in the other articles.  One of the best things you can do is to sign up for more information, stories and bonuses.  Each month we will be adding new Gems that help your golf Swing, Game / Shot management, and Mental / Emotional controls so that you can play Your Best Golf, On the Course, Where It Matters!  Thanks for now,  I’ll be seeing you from tee to green!  Cheers …


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