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FullSwing Fundamentals

New Rules Full Swing Fundamentals

New Rules Full Swing Fundamentals


Full Swing Fundamentals is all about the tee shot – the Show Shot.  The real objective here is to get it in the fairway – way down the fairway.

But does that mean “Kill it”?  Many say yes and face a tough lie, in rough, in sand or off the course.

The first time I saw John Daly “Kill one” he damn near drove the green almost 400 yards away! Everyone ooh’d and aah’d and marched the length of the hole to find it, thinking “surely this has to be in putting distance”. But to the surprise of Not that many, he was off in the rough behind a tree. Hit punch out and two putt left him a par. Boy did I learn from that one!!!

The process of the tee shot requires knowledge and trust.  Knowledge of how the long woods work in the swing, and trust in the swing using the best posture control you have.  “Sweet Spot Contact” is the key to long and more importantly Straight shots.

Coaching the Full Swing Fundamentals means attention to:

  • Grip – finding Right fit, best tension level, the affects ball flight as one of the 7 Essential Skills you learn.
  • Alignment – Basic aim, how to adjust, set & check aim before the shot.  The Pre Swing Essential Skill is key to this.
  • Stance setup – Set for body style, match to club, how weight shift works.  Get the right ball position for the right ball flight!
  • Proud American Posture – finding Best setup for club, how to repeated & fix posture, how posture affects alignment & shot

And of course, these need to be consolidated into a cohesive motion.  It’s like a little dance.  Generally the women respond “now I get it”, and the guys may resist but when they let go and just do it, they benefit as well.

If you learn nothing else, remember that Golf is a game of Opposites.  We hit down on the ball to make it get up.  We take a round swing with a round ball, to make it go straight.  Especially with the woods, we Swing Easy to make it go Farther! So learn from other’s experiences and try that for yourself.

There’s more in the other articles.  One of the best things you can do is to sign up for more information, stories and bonuses.  Each month we will be adding new Gems that help your golf Swing, Game / Shot management, and Mental / Emotional controls so that you can play Your Best Golf, On the Course, Where It Matters!  Thanks for now,  I’ll be seeing you from tee to green!


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