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New Rules Other Secret Stuff

New Rules Other Secret Stuff


There’s ” Other” Secret Stuff – the stuff the Old Rules didn’t tell you about.  And the stuff No One wants to talk about, YET everyone knows it’s Important – That’s why it’s considered Secret!


So how are you to appreciate its value, if you don’t know about it?  Well – it’s not your fault!


In New Rules Golf Instruction this “Other Secret Stuff” is an integral part of your learning and improving your unique golf swing and golf game.  After all it takes everything we have to get our Best Game going On the Course, Where It Matters! 

When you think about it we are generally more concerned about all the other stuff more so than the swing over most shots.  We generally concern ourselves with Where to go, What club to get there, How to setup for the shot, When we need to hit what club with what swing, before we think about the How to swing.

If we have the Bad Brothers, fear and doubt, yelling in our heads, it’s over.  But if we have the Good Sisters, patience and prudence, we can get a great shot out of what we have in front of us.  So How do we quiet the Bad Brothers and follow the Good Sisters?  We have to have all the other secret stuff working before we take each shot.  Here’s some of the components we delve into:

  • Mental / Emotional Controls – do the “Bad Brothers” control you? Or the “Good Sisters” help you?
  • Game / Shot Management – can you get there from here?  Are you Smart  or a Hero from here?
  • Group Coaching – $ave Time & Money, AND Frustration!  Guaranteed improvement = effective practice!
  • Video Prioritization – the Biggest Bang for your Buck, but there;s so much to work on!  How to choose!
  • Equipment Readiness – There”s life in those Sticks!  A simple change can bring the life back!
  • Flexibility Readiness – the Swing that’s Within You, IF you know where to leverage it!
  • Communication Connection – Right message at the Right Time! Or is it just noise?

With all of these we need to consider and settle our position about each of these in our minds before we take the shot we need to on the course condition we have.  We need to be settled that we are mentally and emotionally prepared, confident from the practice and visualization that we have made for the shot, and committed to the shot from all the readiness we have done.

So the best thing we can do is pay attention to each of these areas and personalized them to us.  With this emotional confidence, we get great results.

If you learn nothing else, remember that Golf is a game of Opposites.  We hit down on the ball to make it get up.  We take a round swing with a round ball, to make it go straight. And especially with the other secret stuff, the more we worry about it Ahead of time the less we think about it at execution time the better! So learn from other’s experiences and try that for yourself.


There’s more in the other articles.  One of the best things you can do is to sign up for more information, stories and bonuses.  Each month we will be adding new Gems that help your golf Swing, Game / Shot management, and Mental / Emotional controls so that you can play Your Best Golf, On the Course, Where It Matters!  Thanks for now,  I’ll be seeing you from tee to green!  Cheers …


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