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For High Handicap & Beginning Golfers

For High Handicap & Beginning Golfers:  



We have the New Rules of Golf Instruction, to bring you the latest in golf Skill Development and the Most Effective Learning Approach.  This gets your game going Fast & Easy, so you can have Fun when you play!

  • Choose Get Golf Ready Starter for Beginners / New to Golf
  • or High scoring players
  •  or those golfers Returning to golf…


GET GOLF READY –  includes:

  • 6 hours of instruction ( 4 90-minute range lessons )
  •  5 FREE Rounds of off-peak golf
  •  Lesson pocket notes for each of the golf skill lessons
  •  Learn to walk the walk & talk the talk, so you can play in any foursome feeling good about your game!

Contact CoachRick, for details and to Register for the next series.

Get Golf Ready series usually start at beginning of each month.

New Rules  instructors follow 9 Standards of Golf Instruction.  Our Goal is to develop your essential golf skills, while maintaining Your Unique Style, just a more skillful version of it. We build up the 7 Essential Golf Skills you need, blend in the Mental Toughness needed to play well, and combine those with the Member Coaching into a single approach that gives you the Most Effective and Reliable golf game that holds up under pressure, On the Course, Where It Matters!

We combine these so You can Keep Your Unique Style, based on your flexibility, age and body style, that allows you to repeat your golf swing. Everyone is built unique and there are many unique styles in the Golf Hall of Fame, so why not use the one you already have, and NOT relearn everything! We combine the New Rules Essential Skills with the PGA Nationwide Initiative “Get Golf Ready” to give you the best of golf instruction right from the very start,  as an introduction to play.  In just 4 days, you’ll have a sport for a lifetime!  Best yet, we provide a Half Instruction, Half in Play program that breaks the fear of play Instantly, so you can play with anyone!


Don’t Trust Us – See for yourself…

Does your instructor Match Up to the 9 Standards of Golf Instruction?

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Is this just another version of the Same Old School Golf Instruction?

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So, Take Action – Contact us for the Most Effective Golf Instruction, Custom Fit to Maintain Your Unique Style…

Contact CoachRick, for details and to Register for the next series.

I’m coach Rick, The Personal Golf Coach & the New Rules Golf Coach in California.

Look me up at .

And I can always be reached at (510) 917-6442 or

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