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New Rules golfer evolution

New Rules golfer evolution


When we start playing golf it’s usually Social – for fun or camaraderie, or Serious – for the score & the challenge.



When we Continue playing golf it, many times, becomes a lifelong pursuit, a career.  Here are the Typical golf career Skill levels or Stages of career golf development:


The Contact Stage:  Every golfer goes through learning golf and it starts with just getting good ball contact – just trying to send the ball to any target.

The Recovery Stage:  Once contact is achieved, the next stage is usually one of recovery golf – we can get the ball out there, but it ends up where we don’t want it, so we have to recover, a lot.

The Target Stage: The first stage that feels satisfying is where we can get it out there and it DOES go relatively close to our target.  This stage gives us the confidence that we can play the game AND have fun at it when we do.

The Playing Stage:  This stage starts when we realize that there is more to  the game of golf than just making contact and getting around the course.  This is where shot trajectory and working the ball come into play, so we can lower our score by using Show, Money & Scoring shots.

The Betting Stage:  When we have built good enough shots and a game, we instinctively start betting.  Golf and betting go hand in hand.   That’s usually when the pressure of that One almighty dollar that we bet for, weighs heavily on each shot.  Yes it’s fun but it also adds lots of frustration to the game.  Now mental golf has a meaning in our game.  As we get good we want more…

The Competition Stage:  After we have developed a pretty good set of shots to use for most all conditions, we start to lower our scores and begin breaking through popular barriers, breaking 100, 90 or 80 and beyond.  And then we realize there’s more…

The Thinking Stage:  As we progress our golf swing mechanics and our course & game management, we go beyond the common understanding of the regular friendly game or even one for a few weekend dollars with the boys. This stage requires us to think our way around the course using our “A” game or our “B” game when we need it.  But how do we do that?  Understanding that the mental game needs to be added to the swing mechanics and course & game management reveals the entire game to us.

The  Automatic Stage:  This stage requires us to have all our background noise in our heads settled so it doesn’t interfere with the shot at hand.  This stage requires us to have the ability to focus and concentrate on only one task at a time when we need to.  This stage requires us to use every skill we have in proper steps to make good decisions, think them through to be committed, and execute them without interference in any aspect so we can execute the best shot for the conditions time and time, staying in the present.  This stage is where the Real Game is played and the Real Rewards are achieved, On the Course, Where It Matters!


  • If you are beyond the contact stage, the Member Coaching or Best 9-hole Playing Lesson is for you…
  • If you are currently in the contact stage, join us for the “Get Golf Ready” introduction series, then Member Coaching or Best 9-hole Playing Lesson is for you…

What’s common to ALL of these stages of one’s golf career?  

Skills!  At every stage of golf the 7 Essential Skills are required to hit your targets and have a great game of golf, On the Course, Where It Matters!  That’s why the New Rules of Golf  focuses on 7 Essential  Skills, Mental Toughness and Member Coaching to reinforce these Skills into Repeatable Habits in our Golf Schools & Member Coaching.

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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. WHY?  It’s a fun game that takes great skill to master. Whether you are an experienced golfer or just starting out, everyone needs the right kind of help now and then. Here at The Personal  Golf Coach & New Rules Coach Rick, we are professional golf instructors & coaches who are dedicated to helping you perfect your game or learn the basic of how to play, On the Golf Course, Where It Matters!

Our golf lessons and programs are the best way for you to enhance your skill of playing golf.  Even if you just have a love for the game or want to challenge yourself, we give you golf tips, to perfect your game and show you new techniques that change short term tips into long term habits. All of our instructors are certified to teach golf instruction and coaching. We are passionate about the game of golf and truly enjoy sharing this with each one of our clients. We work with your ability by Keeping Your Unique Style; we do not want let you feel discouraged, as with “Old School” instruction because we are here to help you with New Rules skills.


Some of the services we provide are the 7 Essential Golf Skills that transform your ball contact for those pure shots, how to use your golf chipping to build a mini-swing, using your golf swing analysis to get the biggest bang for your buck, and how to address & correct general golf swing myths with a mental toughness approach that is good for a repeatable golf game. Do you want that pure, perfect shot more often? Get golf’s most important lesson from us, guaranteed to improve your ball contact.


Our golf training is a fun learning experience. The last thing our clients need is someone who criticizes their swing in a negative way. Our golf coaches are here for you whenever you feel the need for a lesson or support of any kind. Our goal is to have fun while improving your swing, making you more skillful while keeping your Unique Style.  After all the Hall of Fame is filled with Unique golf swing styles!


Thank you for visiting the Personal Golf Coach website. Please feel free to contact us today to join one of our programs. Your success is our top priority. Take advantage of our fun and worthwhile golf lessons & coaching. Please browse through our website for additional information on our services. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to learn more about the world of golf.


Cheers … Coach Rick

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