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Secret GGR1357Lesson Gift Book Page

Secret GGR1357Lesson Gift Book Page

Thanks for your efforts to get here. I congratulate you on your efforts and dedication, so far, to learn to play the great game of golf. Stick with it.  Get better – set up a regularly scheduled time to practice, even once a week.  You will enjoy working on your game.


As a surprise bonus, I am providing you with a gift.  There’s some great information here about the game, it’s origins & history, the rules and etiquette and much more.  Please enjoy this gift from Coach Rick.

Enjoy!  This is a PGA provided guide to help you understand the game.  After reading this, don’t be surprised if you find experienced golfers who Don’t Know This Stuff!



Did you know that I get more new students from referrals and word of mouth than any other source?  Your help is appreciated, and I put my money where my mouth is.

  • The more referrals you send to me, the more lessons you get for Free!

When you send a friend who signs up for a series, you get a free private one hour lesson!  When you refer someone to me, Please have them mention Your Name so I can Reward you with a complimentary lesson with video!  Thanks…



Reading is one thing, but What Re You Going To Do About It, Eh?  The words that should be jumping into your head are … Practice, Learn More And Put it INTO Action…

You have options!  Come to “QuickFix clinics, Saturdays at 12 noon.  Join “Get Golf Ready Half & Half” with lessons, Half Instruction, Half in Play, on the course.  Join the Month of Member Coaching for 23 hours of lessons & supervised practice a month. You can see all the programs details at

Thanks for your past attention and I look forward to hearing All About Your Success from you in the future weeks and months…

I’m coach Rick, The Personal Golf Coach & the New Rules Golf Coach in California.

Look me up at, or visit me at I can always be reached at (510) 917-6442 or

Best yet – I do answer my phone…

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Thanks for your time & effort…


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