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This is How to enjoy the game and Lose the Frustrations of missed short shots around the green.

We provide RED ZONE Jr Camps for juniors ages 10 to 17 who can carry their own clubs for at least 9 holes.  They receive a full week, Mon – Fri 9 – 4 PM, of instruction and play all about the short game.  First we test with an objective nationally known short game skill assessment.  Then we work on a skill and put it into play immediately each day. Skills include Perfect Putting, SureFire Short Game, Chipping & Pitching, MONEY Approach wedge shots from 100 yards in, and finally Bunker Blasters to get out every time.

If your junior is seeking to join a school team, THIS is the camp for them.  It is limited to 8 players and only offered 4 times this year, so register and get in the limited size camp of your choice, BEFORE it is all filled up.  

RED ZONE 1-day Golf Schools provide adults a full day of instruction, in the Short Game of all the shots Inside 100 Yards – the Red Zone – the Scoring Zone.  Topics covered include Perfect Putting, SureFire Short Game of Chipping & Pitching, MONEY Approach wedge shots and Bunker Blaster shots.  We  start with testing your current skills, develop those for improvement and retest them to see the immediate improvement in your game.  THIS is the Scoring Skillset you need to play your best golf.   

Both the camp & the 1-day Golf School provides instruction, golf journal, Takeaway Pocket Skills notebook and the best training tool to use in practice. 

NOW is the Time to TAKE ACTION – Contact us for the Most Effective Golf Instruction, Custom Fit to Maintain Your Unique Style.

Contact CoachRick, for details and to Register for the next series.

I’m coach Rick, The Personal Golf Coach & the New Rules Golf Coach in California.

Look me up at .

And I can always be reached at (510) 917-6442 or

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