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Secret sum969scriptionXT on Full Swing Fundamentals

Secret sum969scriptionXT on Full Swing Fundamentals

Firstly, Thanks for signing up for the Secret subscription.

Next we’re going to talk about Full Swing Fundamentals.  Topics include:

  • The fundamental of Hard vs. Fast which looks good to you
  • Swing Plan explained a fundamental that’s easy-sqeezy
  • Target perfection is more generous than you think
  • Club choice on the tee – you Do Have a Choice
  • How to warm up to full swing speed and when to use it
  • Can you Trust your shot here, there and everywhere?
  • Does your Mental Speedometer match you swing spped?

Look for more articles, videos and audios each week.  Yes, even though it’s a monthly subscription, I’ll provide you weekly updates on various topics weekly, so you can try them out, provide feedback & get your questions answered so you add these skills to your golf toolkit for a better game.

We will provide more information, stories and bonuses to come.  Each week we will be adding new Gems that help your golf Swing Mechanics, Game / Shot Management, and Mental / Emotional Controls so that you can play Your Best Golf, On the Course, Where It Matters!  

Thanks for now,  I’ll be seeing you from tee to green!
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