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CoachRick – New Rules Certified Golf Coach


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My golf story goes like this:

I once met a gal, who said “how would you like to go golfing?” Well now she’s my wife and all I do is Teach Golf!   How’s that?  Can you imagine the kind of office I enjoy, when I “go to work”?


I have fun telling that story whenever asked about my golf credentials, but there’s more.  I started golfing in about ’95 or ’96 and immediately appreciated the challenge and the joy of making a great shot.  From my humble beginnings of shooting over 130 for a round of golf , I now enjoy a 4 handicap and have become a PGA Class A and USGTF Certified Teaching Professional.  How did I go from over 130 to a 4 handicap – 60 shots, in a dozen years?

Well you see, I had in the past been an extreme downhill skier since college, in the east and west US and Canada, western Europe, and even heli-skiing in New Zealand to about 13,000 feet.  I had become somewhat of an accomplished sailor with certification at the Annapolis sailing school and Cruising Yacht club of Australia.  Prior to that I became a certified scuba diver with PADI in the states and IIADS in Europe, having completed 50 dives to depths of about 130 feet.  I’ve always had an athletic side to my career locations around the world.

When it comes to golf I got emersed in how to make the golf swing work, and then I found out it was a lot more than just that.  I remember hearing my friends say, “Oh it will take you 5 years before you really appreciate the game.”  I was shocked that it would take so long, but they were right – under the Old Rules of golf instruction.  I’ve tried, way to many models to get my golf swing working and have spent way too many hours working on it – the Old School way.

So I was playing for recreation with friends until the dot com bust happened. That’s when I was offered an early retirement, so I took it.  Being one to get bored easily, I knew I had to follow my passion and thought about golf.  That’s when teaching came to mind.  I secured a USGTF, United States Golf Federation, Certified Teaching Professional credentials and found out how much the PGA member was valued.  So I embarked on, what I call my second college degree, and learned everything to run a golf course operation from soup to nuts, to become a member of the PGA of America as a Class A Pro.

I guess I knew all along that I didn’t want to be stuck indoors, so I focused on only teaching students what I had done and what I had learned, to play golf. Since the day I became a PGA member, I have never stopped learning, whether it be inside the ropes at Nationwide, PGA and Schwab cup events with the touring pros, or with the latest green reading technology like AimPoint or with long drive champions side by side.  I love knowledge.

That brings me to the New Rules of Golf Instruction.  I had already combined Swing mechanics, Game / Shot management and Mental / Emotional controls into my teaching when I found out about the good things Charlie King was doing at Reynolds Plantation.  That caught my eye and now I am becoming a Certified New Rules Golf Coach working with Charlie to change the way people learn golf skills to thereby lower their scores and have fun doing it.  Our philosophies mirror each other, to bring each student a more reliable, consistent complete game that they can have fun playing, On the Course, Where It Matters!


I’m coach Rick, The Personal Golf Coach & the New Rules Golf Coach in California.

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