What are Flightscope programs?

A Flightscope training program is where Flightscope golf doppler radar is used for instant feedback from a golfers’ swing with all the ball flight and club swing statistics you can imagine.  You learn the Horizontal and Vertical path of the club as well as Angle of Attack down on the ball.  You learn the ball Flight, Speed and Dispersion for the Carry & Roll distances the ball flies.  

The beauty of this is that the traditional swing tips are replaced by a coaching approach that immediately leads to better shot results of distance and dispersion from your targets.  Even better the results are based ion Your Unique Swing and NOT some manufactured swing method that someone ids trying to force you into!  Don’t get caught being forced into a Method where everyone comes out looking like everyone else…



There are a variety of Flightscope programs from Introductory Snapshot 30-minutes, to a 1-month Coaching program that includes GameGolf play tracking, so you can match up’s happening On the Course, to what’s happening on the Range.  This is THE Most Efficient method of learning to be a great golfer FAST & EASY. 

Consider Flightscope Driver Optimization – with the same swing & same Driver club

Consider Flightscope Distance Gapping program – to Know your distances & Hit your Targets 

What do these programs do for You?

# 1 is Frustration Fighter.  When any golfer play Inconsistency drives us crazy!  Why?  The One big advantage tour pros have over amateurs is knowing the exact distance they hit every club in the bag, when amateurs guess more that they should. Knowing the distance you play each club’s yardage allows the pros to 1) Chose the right club, 2) Swing with confidence, 2) Hit their targets, 4) Make less putts, and 5) Avoid hazards and trouble.


REAL RANGE RESULTS in JUST 5 SHOTS: Our Flightscope Radar System, first Doppler radar to track both the ball and club with ball speeds, club angles and spin ratios, is the future of golf instruction.  It allows you to change impact immediately and QUICKLY SEE IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT. For Example:



In a recent swing review of a fairly new golfer, we checked her driver setup & swing.  Her first shot total distance was 144 yards with an excessive spin rate of 5400 rpm and a smash factor of 1.33.  (The more the spin, rpms, the more the ball flied up and drops. The lower the smash factor, the more the sweet spot is missed by the ball.)
RESULTS: After only 5 shots, understanding what was needed, she increased her total distance 10 yards, lowered her spin rate to a desirable 2300 rpms and increased the smash factor to 1.44, almost 1.5 – a perfect number showing she hit the sweet spot dead on!  I didn’t think we see that much improvement, that fast!

Future of Golf Instruction:  It’s from our coaching with state-of-the-art radar system and play tracking systems that students get great consistent ball striking to play better golf, with lower scores.  Studies show that radar training helps golfers improve ten times faster than traditional instruction from applied radar training programs.

Range Radar training is being hailed as “the next big thing” in golf instruction. Golf Channel’s Martin Hall and 2012 PGA Teacher of the Year Michael Breed said radar will “change the way we teach golf.” Almost every PGA Tour player has a radar system behind them when they practice.

GameGolf Tracking System is a PGA approved game changer.  Now Every Shot is tracked automatically and used by many of the top pros including Graeme McDowell,  Lee Westwood, Jim Furyk and recently Lydia Ko.  The process is easy to use.  First establish a free online account, load up your club info, put the plugs in your clubs and get ready to play.  At the course, turn on the system, then touch the sensor with your club as part of your pre shot routine.  Make it your trigger to swing and enjoy a great shot every time.

Use what the tour pros Know:  One of the key ideas the tour pros are using to get the most effective and fastest practice results, is getting a detail understanding of their golf ball and golf club actions at impact.  It is only with very expensive high speed cameras or a Range Radar system that you get to see and adjust for the precise movement desired, in order to practice the best golf move with precision to build it into a reliable habit that holds up under pressure.

Where You Are: In order to build those improved reliable habits, you need to start with Where You Are, a Snapshot of your current skills.  We measure the skills to get a Snapshot with a Range Radar session.  Knowing what the current golf swing & ball flight patterns are, we then proceed to improve these always matching back to the Snapshot for comparison to see if we are getting the ideal desired results.  That’s the range side of things.

Seeing Range Radar results is the most effective measure we can take using the latest technology.  It is impossible to do this by hand and eye views and video isn’t even close to what Range Radar can measure. The Range Radar measures see and remember ever shot for the full lengths of the time the shot.

Where You Want To Go:  Now the fun begins.  Comparing the Range Radar results along side the Game Play results gives you a huge insight into your range game and how it converted to your on course play.  When you are able to se theses results and compare them to your desired results, you now Exactly what to work on and how much emphasis you need to play attention to the club of choice and the shot that gave you trouble.

Remember that effective and deliberate practice maintains that you practice your strengths as well. Knowing the specific weak links in your game gives you the overall strongest tool bag of shots to use on the course and know which will hold up and which won’t

Imagine knowing when you CAN pull off the hero shot and when it’s just outside your reach.  The carry distance knowledge from the range statistics and the play experience tells you just that.  Further, you’ll know better when you can be aggressive or when to stay conservative.

Set the Goal, Rinse and Repeat:  Now is the time to analyze and review, rest the goals, forget the past activity, change the focus and restart the process all over again.  Just as in Quality College, you address the biggest ticket items that need improvement to get the biggest bang for the buck.  Once that’s addressed, you take the next biggest swing or game issue and address / improve that until your game is rock solid that holds up under pressure..

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