Nov 27

SureFire Short Putts

Here’s a Thanksgiving Wish for you:

Make EVERY Short Putt with SureFire Short Putts. The most frustrating golf shot is Missing the short putt after making a nice tee shot and good approach shot and even a nice long putt to get it close.  Then missing the short putt makes you want to break the putter.  So Don’t Get Frustrated – get better with SureFire Short Putts.

The key is ti make a nice pendulum putt, Equal back and Equal through.  But there’s more.  Instead of just making the putt, “CHASE the Putt To The Hole.”  This insures that the putter face stays square to the line and the putt follows the true path you intend to “hit the back of the jar”.

Try this and use the Takeaway pocket notes for a more rewarding and less frustrating golf game. Use these notes:


Surefire Short Putts Takeaway Notes pdf

Pendulum putting

Pendulum putting


Surefire Short Putts Takeaway Notes pdf

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