Apr 22

4 Most Important Scoring Golf Shots

4 Most Important Scoring Golf Shots, Choose Sunday May 10, 3 – 4 PM 4-week series OR Tuesday May 12, 6-7 PM 4-week series, Limited to 8 students per series!

red zone 40-90 yards & In...

red zone 40-80 yards & In…

* Putting – Distance Control & Green Reading = Have “Game Within the Game” to 2-putt every Time!

* Chip shots – Uphill & Downhill for Tap-In putts = Master 2 key shots from any lie to get to a tap-in putt!

* Sand Bunker shots – Vacation & Norcal shots = Control 2 most common sand shots to get out & get on!

* Wedge Shots – 40 to 80 yard Control = “Heart of the Golf Swing” to Stick your Approach shots!


+ Bonus: Short Game Strategies to use in Play = Tour Pro Pre-Shot Routines / Swing Thoughts that work!

 Register for this series at:  http://mkt.com/new-rules-coach-rick-pga/most-important-scoring-golf-shots

I’m coach Rick, The Personal Golf Coach & the New Rules Golf Coach in California. Look me up at www.ThePersonalGolfCoach.com,  www.NewRulesCoachRick.com or visit me at www.MonarchBayGC.com.

And I can always be reached at (510) 917-6442 or RickPGApro@gmail.com.

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