Jan 05

Doppler Golf RADAR is added to 2015 coaching technology!

We use the FlightScope X2 Elite system, the world’s first completely wireless, and most accurate 3D Doppler tracking radar for golf.

FlightScope Doppler Golf RADAR

FlightScope Doppler Golf RADAR

Some of the coaching sessions for you to improve & practice efficient may / will include:

Swing Analysis

In ALL our private coaching sessions, we utilize FlightScope Doppler Golf RADAR to really see what is happening in the swing and understand the WHY shots are going where they are going according to the NEW Ball Flight Laws, the “D-plane”.  Classic swing video analysis is not enough to see & measure swing geometry & club head data in the swing.  FlightScope provides fast, efficient results instantly.  Your swing changes are tracked with video and you can see the affect of your changes in your swing and ball flight statistics as well!

FlightScope Combine

You’ve seen video comaprisons of your swing to a pros to give you “some idea” of how you compare. Now you can see how your entire game matches to a PGA Tour Professional. You get a complete assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.  FlightScope Combine is a one hour test where you hit 3-5 shots to targets anywhere between 20 and 240 yards.  You score each shot based on distance and accuracy.  You can get Instant virtual shots to targets and voice feedback on each shot.  At the end of your FlightScope combine session you are given an analysis with 4 reports emailed to you and uploaded to your MyFlightScope.com account.



Club Comparison Yardage 

Knowing how far you hit each club is one of, if not the best, method to make great decisions during play On the Course, Where It Matters!  Schedule a session to test all your clubs in a one hour club comparison yardage session.  You hit 5 shots with your key clubs .  You are emailed analysis reports which are also uploaded to your MyFlightScope.com account.  You can extend or customize your session to focus on different clubs in order to find the best golf club set up in your bag for maximize distance and accuracy. 


FlightScope Skill Games

Efficient practice  through Structured Feedback Practice.

The Flightscope Skills App allows you to practice your shots effectiveness on a skills course to test club distance and direction control.  You can work on just distance or distance & direction control in a FlightScope Skills Games Session. You receive points based on your accuracy to target.  Your game skills data is uploaded to your free skills evaluation account on www.MyFlightScope.com.


That’s a sample of the sessions we plan to examine and see how they fit your needs.  These may change over time according to your feedback and success, so feel free to provide us you observations so that we may build the best Doppler Golf RADAR programs to meet you needs.  Thanks …


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