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*** October NEWS – Monarch Bay Learning Center

*** October NEWS – Monarch Bay Learning Center


Here are some key points that can help your game:

Tour News – upcoming FRYS.com Open

Key Instruction – Chipping “Heart of the Golf Swing”

Practice Perfect –  How many balls are too many?

SPECIAL Offers – Player Development Program

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Tour News – upcoming FRYS.COM Open

This proves to be an exciting tournament coming up just a week away at Silverado in Napa, October 9 – 12, 2014,  You can see the details at http://frysopengolf.com/    SPECIAL Note –  Get your video swing analysis at the Fidelity SwingLab on Friday with Coach Rick, or on any other day.

Here’s a summary of what happened last year at Cordevalle:


Key Instruction – Chipping “Heart of the Golf Swing”

The Heart of the golf swing is best experienced by making a “hip turn chip shot”.  It’s a simple slower motion chip but using the entire lower body movement.  Here’s how you do this.  Make a chip shot WithOut using your arms.  Instead make a shoulder turn keeping  the club shaft pointed inside the “magic triangle”.  This is the triangle formed by the arms at address with the shoulders.  If you use your wrists the shaft points Outside the triangle.  Take your normal address position with any iron.  Make a lower body and upper body full turn so your back is facing towards the target, while you are keeping the club inside the triangle.  Turn back so the club shaft is pointed along the line of the toes and parallel to the ground.

Then make a “ground up” lower body first, turn to the finish position up on your back foot so the heel is over the toe with the laces and right knee pointing directly towards the target.  When making this lower body turn First, the continue to turn the upper body so you get the club shaft pointing towards the target.  This move should result in getting the toe of the club pointing to the sky on the full turn back, square to the ball at impact and getting the toe of the club pointing to the sky on the full turn finish.

Note that this is a slower motion swing because you are using the big core muscles and NOT the fast twitch wrists when you make this swing.  Having done this you can, 1) get a better move through the ball  with balance, posture and weight shift for the best “sweet spot” contact, and 2) have made the “Heart of the golf swing” move at a slower motion So you can Get Feedback.  This feedback helps you when swing any club at full speed.  Try this and see for yourself…



​Special thanks to revolution golf for their photos.

Practice Perfect –  How many balls are too many?

Too many golfers hit too many balls, too frequently, and try to play too often to get better.  “More Is Better” is a mantra that runs rampant throughout golf.  The thinking is that by hitting more balls and playing more rounds, skills will improve.  If you hit 120 balls a session, hitting 250 does not make you better, it can make you play poor.  By hitting too many balls, skill and technique does not improve, it only leads to over practice of poor technique.   Don’t get caught in the “Repetitively Swing Cycle”.  Instead practice Effective technique by hitting a Limited number of balls to the same target with the same club!.

Here’s how.  First warm-up to get into a loose and relaxed state of mind.  Do some stretching and hold the pose type of flexibility training before you hit golf balls.  You can perform some arm circles, neck circles, core body rotation, full body squats, and presses to stretch out the shoulders, legs and hips.  Then take small swings like a hip-turn chip, with full lower body turns to send the ball out straight.  You can use any iron for this.  Then working your way up to an “L to L” swing before you get to the full swings.  Another drill is to use your driver  to do full standing (imagine the ball out in front of your neck) pump drills.  Put the driver on the back shoulder, turn the body to a full turn leaving the club an the shoulder, repeat and the make a full turn, then rip the club in a full swing to a full finish.   Do that 10 times.

Now you’re ready to perform effective practice.  Take one club and hit 6 – 10 range balls with full swings to a single target.  After each shot note how the ball flew and make an adjustment to get a solid comfortable full swing hitting the Sweet Spot on the club to get the ball to the target.  Be honest with yourself.  On the good shots, without a ball, repeat that great swing.  On the bad shots forget it and start all over again thinking of the last Good Shot you hit.  Then repeat the entire 6 – 10 ball process by Changing Something – the club, the target, the size of the swing!

Why?  Studies have proven that hitting 6 – 10 shots with a single club to a single target is effective.  After that, you are working at perfecting a faulty swing!  Do the drill with a number of different clubs and different targets and different sizes of swings.  If after that you’re not happy, Only Then should you repeat the same swing to the same target with the same club.  It’s all about being EFFECTIVE in your practice.

Try it and see how it works for a few sessions.  If you’re getting a better comfortable swing with better distance and control, it’s tome to join the Wednesday night clinics – they are free.

SPECIAL Offers – Player Development Program

Join Coach Rick in Players Club free clinics, if you signed up for the Player Development Program.  Learn the “7 Essential Swing Skills” that Keep Your Unique Style.  After all there are MANY unique swings in the Golf Hall of Fame, so why fix what’s NOT broken???

The Players Club gets you $20 of range ball per DAY, reduced Green Fees, FREE Clinics all for one monthly range key for $39 per month. Heck – it pays for itself!

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red zone cover web.jpg

Learn the “RED ZONE” short game secrets of up to 100 yard Pitch shots that “HOP & STOP” .  These are the shots that get you Close to the Pin for that Great Tap-In putt.

Answer this: Are you a One- Swing Wonder, or are you a One-Club wonder?  Either way we get your skills to make the most of the short game you have…

Other topics include Chipping “Heart of the Golf Swing” shots, Sand Bunker-Basics, Aimpojnt like Green Reading, Lag Putting distance control, Driver working the ball tee shots and more…

Contact Coach Rick with questions at RickPGApro@gmail,.com or (510) 917-6442 .  Thanks … Coach Rick

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