Sep 30

Players Club is HERE !!!

Join Coach Rick in Players Club free clinics, if you signed up for the Players Club Program.  Learn the “7 Essential Swing Skills” that Keep Your Unique Style.  After all there are MANY unique swings in the Golf Hall of Fame, so why fix what’s NOT broken???

The Players Club gets you $20 of range ball per DAY, reduced Green Fees, FREE Clinics all for one monthly range key for $39 per month. Heck – it pays for itself!

Learn more by joining (it’s free) and checking events athttp://www.golfzing.com/pcmonarchbay?tab=manage-subscriptions

Red Zone Inside 100 yards

Red Zone Inside 100 yardsLearn the

Learn the “RED ZONE” short game secrets of up to 100 yard Pitch shots that “HOP & STOP” .  These are the shots that get you Close to the Pin for that Great Tap-In putt.

Answer this: Are you a One- Swing Wonder, or are you a One-Club wonder?  Either way we get your skills to make the most of the short game you have…

Other topics include Chipping “Heart of the Golf Swing” shots, Sand Bunker-Basics, Aimpojnt like Green Reading, Lag Putting distance control, Driver working the ball tee shots and more…

Contact Coach Rick with questions at RickPGApro@gmail,.com or (510) 917-6442 .  Thanks … Coach Rick