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Simple Playing Stats say A Lot …

Simple Playing Stats say A Lot …

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No place better to discover what’s working and not, than playing On the Course.  There’s a simple way to find what’s holding you back for reaching your golf potential.


Here’s some quick scorecard statistics for you to track when you play.  Bring them to a FREE Wednesday night clinic and we’ll build some skill drills for you to improve your game.  They’re quick & easy to do and tell you A Lot.


Use one scorecard with multiple lines for your own statistics.  Track each hole using these statistics:

  • First line – score / putts (i.e. bogey “5 / 3” and 3 putts)
  • Second line – “F” / “G” – fairways hit from tee and green hit in regulation – GIR (see Note)
  • Approach shot to green –  “S” or “R” or “L” or 2 of the 3 – for Short, Right or Left of target (use OK if you hit target)
  • Distance of the first putt – you walk it off – most adults have a 3 foot long stride – most junior have a 2 foot stride
NOTE:  Use your regular par value to see if you reach the green in regulation.  For Par shooters, with low 70’s for a total score, this is 2 strokes less than par per hole (par 4 – Green  in Regulations (GIR) is 2.  For Bogey shooters, around 90 total score, this is 1 stroke over par per hole (par 4 – GIR is 3.  For Double Bogey shooters, around 108 total score, this is 2 strokes over par per hole (par 4 – GIR is 4.  Use these to figure the total GIR – Greens in Regulation.
AFTER the round is over 1) Add the scores and putts, 2) Add the Fairways and Green, 3) Add the trends for Short, Right and Left, 4) AVERAGE the distances of the first putt.   Then come to the FREE Wednesday night clinics and see your biggest weakness AND How To Fix It with Drills.  This will lower your scores and Give You a Path  toa NO Frustration round of golf.  Ans YES that IS possible…
It’s very simple.  Track your stats and I’ll see you at the FREE Wednesday night clinic (5:30 – 6:30 PM) at Monarch Bay Learning Center …

I’m coach Rick, The Personal Golf Coach & the New Rules Golf Coach in California. Look me up at www.ThePersonalGolfCoach.com,  www.NewRulesCoachRick.com or visit me at www.MonarchBayGC.com.

And I can always be reached at (510) 917-6442 or RickPGApro@gmail.com.

Best yet – I do answer my phone…

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