Mar 26

New April Month of Coaching



In the April Month of Coaching  at Monarch Bay Learning Center,  we will develop your skills, practice your skills and test your skills, so they can become habits.  All you need to do is be prepared with your clubs and all the amenities you would normally use, to play a full round of golf.
We provide a Golf Journal to take your personal notes, Takeaway Skills Guide that summarizes the skills we cover and a Players Guide for self discovery when you play.   This is  how the pros develop their game, and  My goal is to get you to a strong level of play to accomplish your golf goals.  
We cover all the skills of your A game & B game in areas of putting (short & long), chipping (up & down hill), pitching (distance & direction control), bunker (3 most common shots), wedge approach (up to 100 yards) and tee shots (into & down wind) with drivers and woods.
This Month  of Coaching can lead you to a great golf game through skill development that may get your junior a college scholarship in golf, or a winning golf game for adults.  This same program has taken a 6.1 handicap NCGA tournaments players and gotten him to a 1.1 in 3 months.  Note that he only posted his tournaments rounds.  That’s the kind of game adults can get from this program.
Did you know that 15 % of women’s golf scholarships went unclaimed!  5% of men’s college scholarships went unclaimed.  All high schoolers had to have was a decent golf game to get those scholarships!    I have worked with a number of juniors and produced dvds for their potential golf coaches to see, which gets the junior ahead of the paper application curve to get those few selected spots on college teams  each year.  You can see a example of the dvd of Rachel, who successfully got on the Wake Forest golf team. See it www.newrulescoachrick.com/home/golfcareer/for-junior-golf-competitors/
Please join us for a Month of Coaching, 16 hours, held Saturday & Sunday mornings, starting Saturday April 5 at 9 AM.  Please come 10 minutes early to register.  Adults are $300 and juniors are $250 for 16 hours of coaching.

I’m coach Rick, The Personal Golf Coach & the New Rules Golf Coach in California. Look me up at www.ThePersonalGolfCoach.com,  www.NewRulesCoachRick.com or visit me at www.MonarchBayGC.com.

And I can always be reached at (510) 917-6442 or RickPGApro@gmail.com.

Best yet – I do answer my phone…

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