Dec 05

Practice to Play

Ever wonder how you can bridge the winter gap for you game?

Are you tired of having a good game at the end of the season Only to start All Over Again in the spring?

Here’s how you can get your game in shape AND pick t up quick in the spring!

Use the On Range Discovery planner (It’s Free) to Practice like you Play.  Then pull it out n the spring and practice like you play again.  This Unique practice tool helps you discover Immediately where you need to work on your game, so you can play your strengths until your entire game is there for the season…


Just click on the link     Range_Discovery_Planner_CheatSheet


Follow the easy instructions and You will easily and quickly discover where your game needs help.


For a Quicker Method to get your game winterized see the post and contact Coach Rick…

I’m coach Rick, The Personal Golf Coach & the New Rules Golf Coach in California. Look me up at www.ThePersonalGolfCoach.com,  www.NewRulesCoachRick.com or visit me at www.MonarchBayGC.com.

And I can always be reached at (510) 917-6442 or RickPGApro@gmail.com.

Best yet – I do answer my phone…

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Thanks for your time & effort…