Nov 21

New Rules – what happened to the Old Rules?


Old Rules Golf Instruction


New Rules Golf is the New Standard of Golf Instruction… What happened to the Old Rules?  Is this what you picture when you think of learning the golf swing?  Does it feel like you have to master fifty steps just to swing the golf club?   That’s Old Rules instruction!



Let me ask you, “If handicaps haven’t changed with all the new technology in years, should we golfers continue doing the Same Thing?”  Careful, Einstein calls that Insanity…


If Everyone is Unique, should we try to make out golf swing like the swing of that great pro?  Is that actually possible to match someone else’s swing exactly?  Can you even get close without frustration?  Are you simply tired of all the effort, time and money spent on the game?

There’s Gotta Be a Better Way – Right?

(Continued on “New Rules Explained”)


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