Oct 18

Frustrated at Putting?

If you are Frustrated at Putting, then you need to rethink your approach.


Frustrated Golf Putting

Frustrated Golf Putting


  • Are you missing putts Long then Short – can’t get the distance right?
  • Are you setting up for One Line only to have the ball go on another?
  • Does you putt stay on line Until the very last few inches?
  • Are you reading one break and amazed at how much More it Actually breaks?





These are common putting frustrations that can easily be fixed.  It starts with your approach, requires pre-round skills and a thorough read of the green for each putt – especially the short ones that too often get missed.  Some of the skills that help you maintain good putting techniques for the entire round are:





  • SALSA as a pre-shot routine
  • Personal Stimpmeter for distance control
  • The Circle Walk to read the greens
  • Knowing how Time of Day affects green contours




With these simple skills you can become a better putter and Eliminate three putts forever.  How do you get these skills?  Attend the Perfect Putting clinic this Saturday 10/20/12 at Deer Ridge extended to 12 – 1:30PM.

The Perfect Putting clinic is $20 for adults, $15 for juniors.  See you at Deer Ridge Sat 12-1:30PM.  Cheers…