Oct 13

WINTERIZE your game – Lessons NOW for a FREE Spring Session

WINTERIZE your game – Lessons NOW Include Spring Session with Coach Rick. You get:

Golf swing videos – face on & down the line
The Magic Plug Golf Swing Analysis APP emailed to you
A lesson or series during Oct, Nov or Dec 2012
AND a free Golf Swing Review Session in March 2013.
Start your 2013 golf season, Where You Left Off, at the height of your 2012 game! Why reinvent the wheel Every Year? Be Smart and Package up your game, while you enjoy the holiday season. You do it for your car, Right? Why not Golf?

Take any normally priced lesson or series NOW and get the $85 values Spring Golf Review session FREE!

Contact Coach Rick (510) 917-6442 RickPGApro@gmail.com www.BrentwoodsPGA.com