Oct 02

College Scholarships Await You…

Old but true, in 2009 15% of Women’s Golf College Scholarships went  UNCLAIMED with 5% for men.  If your high school student understood this, they could get a college degree and career by just getting a good golf game.

Not only is golf healthy, a builder of character and values that society cherishes, but now it’s a financial advantage to set up a lifelong career whatever it may be.  How awesome is that?  But there is competition.

Rather than submit a paper application for a spot on the golf team, and have it sit there with many others competing for the same few precious spots, there is a way to get ahead of the paper funnel that takes time to dwindle down to a few.  It’s called a Golf Highlight DVD and college coaches would look at this first!

The Coaching for College program gets high school golfers Ahead of the College Golf team curve with a Golf Highlights Video, Scholarship Package development and a great golf game from the month of Member Coaching.  Member Coaching is THE most efficient and effective method to build & turn lasting skills into positive habits, that hold up under pressure in course conditions.  These are Coach supported two hours sessions, up to 23 hours each month and the Best 9-hole Playing Lesson is included once per month.  

With that we build the golf highlights video which includes Narrative by the golfer, play of all the major shots in the bag, closing, music and competition highlights if available.  This is a proven formula that works.  See the except at www.ThePersonalGolfCoach.com/college.  Rachael used her DVD to promote herself to coaches.  Now she is playing for Wake Forest, the college she most desired to attend. See the excerpt here:


Learn more about the program at http://newrulescoachrick.com/home/golf-schools/

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